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Should voice actors worry about AI voices? This topic's been on my mind for some time now! In this episode, Tim Friedlander, the Founder and President of NAVA as well as the CEO and founder of soundBOX:LA and soundBOX:Group, sits down with me to discuss this very topic!As an award-winning voice actor specializing in many voice acting niches, Tim is best known for his work on Hunter x Hunter, One Punch Man, as well as Ares in the Netflix show Record of Ragnarok. 

Tune in as Tim and I discuss the impact of AI voices, how it's changing the voice acting industry, and what voice actors can do to adapt and survive this change. We start off with Tim explaining how he defines an AI voice or synthetic voice and also shares some very unique insights on how voice actors can incorporate AI voices instead of trying to fight it. Tim also goes on to talk about how voice actors can safeguard themselves during this time.


[04:09] Tim defines AI/Synthetic voices

[05:16] Here's what voice actors can learn from musicians according to Tim

[18:05] Early stages of AI tech

[18:25] How to know if someone's voice is intellectual property

[21:30] What NAVA offers

[34:17] Degradation of Unionwork 

[37:45] What union can do to your contracts with AI Clauses

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