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This week in Alicyn’s Wonderland, actress, voice actress, and content creator Tessa Netting drops by to talk about her epic journey! Some of Tessa’s most notable roles to date include Hazel Swearengen on Bunk’d, Eloise on Fred: The Show, Kelsey on Inappropriate Parents. She has also lent her voice to some iconic characters including Sweetie Bird in Tiny Toons Looniversity and Relia in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness.

Join us, as Tessa takes us on a trip down memory lane starting from her humble roots, growing up in an incredibly talented and supportive family. She also goes on to regale us with her audition stories, especially for her breakout role as Ballet Girl in the Broadway production Billie Elliot, as well as what it was like to book her first-ever cartoon role, alongside her character’s original voice actress! In addition to her incredible journey as an actress, Tessa also goes on to share with us her passions and plans for creating new content in the near future. Make sure to stay until the end of the episode to find out what Tessa thinks we should do in order to keep the flame of our passion and inspiration alive! 


[07:19]Tessa talks about her roots

[09:34]Tessa on how she became Ballet Girl

[19:23]Tessa shares what it’s like to work on Tiny Toon

[34:45]Why you should strive to find your tribe

[36:49]Here’s the secret to loving your craft no matter what

[42:02]Why you need to stop comparing yourself to others

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