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Youtuber, comedy vlogger, and self-taught animator Alex Clark joins us this week in Alicyn’s Wonderland! Over the past ten years, Alex Clark has accumulated over 4.1 million subscribers to his channel. (You could definitely say that he’s among the OG animation creators on the platform!) So how exactly does a self-taught animator create animated videos that draw in over half a million subscribers? Tune in to find out!

In this episode, Alex sits down with Alicyn to talk about his early beginnings as well as how the newest addition to his family has impacted his work. As someone who’s been on the video sharing platform for as long as he has, Alex offers several valuable insights that can definitely help you navigate your own animation career better! Plus, make sure to stay until the end to find out what Alex thinks could be the future of animation in collaboration with AI!

Time Stamps:

[6:19] Alex talks about his production schedule 

[7:37]What made The Babysitter Series such a hit?

[9:22] What non-people things would Alex grab in the event of a fire?

[12:41] Which Animations Does Alex Consider the Most memorable?

[14:58] Alex gives advice to aspiring animators

[17:55] What would Alex choose to have: horns, cat paws, or a tail?

[28:07] Could this be the future of animation?

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