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Iconic voiceover actress Stephanie Panisello joins us in this week’s edition of Alicyn’s Wonderland! Stephanie is best known for voicing Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2, Betty Ross in Marvel’s “What If” series, Vora in Paladins, Cloud Retainer in Genshin Impact, and Calima in Larcenauts. Apart from voiceover acting, Stephanie has also branched out to performing MOCAP, on-camera acting, and hosting. She is also a part of Netflix’s brand-new Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness series!

Join us as Stephanie takes us a walk down memory lane where she shares how being late for work changed the entire trajectory of her life. Stephanie shares how she found herself lending her voice to Claire, and why she thinks it’s so important for artists to meet their character’s biggest fans. Furthermore, Stephanie and I take a deep dive into what it’s like to work on MOCAP and how it doesn’t differ so much from performing on-camera. She also goes on to talk about working on Resident Evil as Claire from the get-go, and what pushed her to get into combat training! Make sure to listen to the end to hear Stephanie has to say about how you can turn your dream into a reality!



[06:56] How Stephanie got into voice acting.

[09:00] Why getting kicked out of production work was the best thing to happen for Stephanie.

[15:24] The fastest way you learn is usually on the job

[23:55] Why is it so important and special to meet your character’s fans.

[28:00] Stephanie shares a funny motion capture story for Infinite Darkness.

[30:55] What made Stephanie get into combat and stunt?


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