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In this week's episode of Alicyn's Wonderland, we are joined by veteran animator Robb Pratt. Robb has had an illustrious career spanning decades, starting as a traditional animator at Feature Animation in the 90s before moving on to work on Disney modern classics like Pocahontas, Tarzan, Hercules, Kim Possible, and the Disney Plus animated show Firebuds. He has also played a key role in the animation of the Nickelodeon hit animation Danny Phantom and a long list of other projects. In addition, Robb is an independent animated filmmaker, with credits including Superman Classic and Bizarro Class, and is the creator of CARMAN - The Road Rage Anti-Hero.

In this episode, Robb takes us on a journey into his past, sharing fantastic stories about his childhood and the lessons he learned from Disney animators, getting insider info on all of Disney's upcoming hit animation films, and eventually securing a desk at the studio where all the animation magic happened in the 90s. Robb also gives a detailed explanation of what went into creating traditional animation and talks about the transition from 2D to CG animation and how it affected him and his fellow artists at the time. 

Along with these colorful nostalgic stories, Robb shares insights into his present projects, including CARMAN and Disney Plus's Firebuds. Despite coming from a challenging background, Robb's numerous beloved accomplishments serve as a powerful testament to the fact that passion has the incredible power to unlock a world of endless possibilities. Join us for an episode filled with animation magic and inspiration!


[05:02] Robb talks about working at Disney during the Golden Era of 2D Animation.

[08:04] Robb describes the intense and laborious process of 2D Animation.

[11:28] Robb talks about why he was lucky to be in the sweet spot between 2D and digital animation.

[12:25] This is how CG animation impacted animators and cleanup artists.

[21:19 ] Robb talks about Firebuds

[25:24] Robb talks about CARMAN


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