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Get ready to be dazzled, because this week on Alicyn’s Wonderland, we’re joined by the one and only Queen Noveen, a true powerhouse in the realm of voice acting and live announcing! Queen Noveen’s impressive repertoire includes lending her powerful voice to Layla Ellison, the badass leading black female character of the video game Redfall and headlining the epic 90th birthday event for country music legend Willie Nelson at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. As the Network Voice for E! Network and the live announcer for high-profile events like Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party, the People's Choice Awards, and the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Queen Noveen's talent shines brightly. In addition, her impressive credit list also includes voicing Naomi Storm in Rainbow High and Vanessa Jones in Friday the 13th: The Game. 

Join Queen Noveen on an awe-inspiring journey from humble theater beginnings to Hollywood and prepare to be captivated by her infectious enthusiasm and uplifting tales. Don't miss this extraordinary episode of Alicyn's Wonderland, where the magical world of Queen Noveen awaits!


[02:07] The Story Behind Queen Noveen’s name

[05:20] How Queen Noveen fell in love with live announcing

[08:50] What it was like to be the voice of Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday event at the Hollywood Bowl

[09:48] Queen Noveen shares what it was like to work with Ellen Degeneres

[14:40] Queen Noveen talks about her experience working on Red Fall

[20:40] What the casting process was like for Red Fall

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