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If you’ve got a dream but feel held back… this episode’s for you! Voice actress Cissy Jones joins us this week in Alicyn’s Wonderland to talk about breaking free from externation limitations, creating the fantastic career she has today, and how she’s working to help protect this craft in the future. Some of Cissy’s most notable work include lending her voice to popular games such as Firewatch, The Walking Dead, Life Is Strange, Grand Theft Auto V and Darksiders III. She also lends her voice in various television series, including The Owl House as Lilith Clawthorne and Transformers: EarthSpeak as Elita-1. 

Join us as Cissy talks about a whole range of topics, including:

  • How she broke into voice acting against all odds.
  • Her casting call experience for The Walking Dead
  • What it was like to work in the midst of the pandemic
  • Motivational advice for anyone who has been discouraged by others from pursuing their dream.
  • Why it’s so important to protect the interest of voice actors as more and more AI tools enter the voice acting industry.
  • How can voice actors exist ethically with AI? 
  • What voice actors should look out for in their contracts to protect their work from predatory companies
  • What voice actors can do if their voice is used without their consent

Time Stamps:

[02:13]What Cissy had to break through before breaking into voice acting

[04:39]How Walking Dead “kicked open the doors” for Cissy

[12:02]Cissy’s gives motivational advice 

[13:59]Cissy talks about The Owl House

[23:14]Cissy talks about NAVA

[24:37]How can voice actors exist ethically with AI?

[26:12]Watch out for this clause in your contract

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