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Animation Director Anna Hollingsworth whose incredible credit list includes being the animation director for Clone High, Bojack Horseman, UniKitty, and The Afterparty, lead animating for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, The Great Wolf Pack, Dick Figures: The Movie, The Ricky Gervais Show, Super Best Friends Forever, and The Mr. Men Show visits Alicyn’s Wonderland to talk about her amazing journey in animation!

As a woman working in animation, Anna’s accomplishments are definitely remarkable and inspirational. Join us as she shares her story, from her family’s artistic influence, her introduction to animation to figuring out the ropes of taking the lead behind the scenes as an animation director. She also talks about some of the memorable animation shows she watched while studying, and getting to work with the geniuses behind them years later. Anna also goes on to explain what exactly an animation director does and how motherhood has impacted the way she approaches her work! Make sure to stay until the end to hear what Anna has to say to aspiring animators and animation directors!

Time Stamps:

[13:19]What does an Animation Director do?

[17:37]The animations that stood out for Anna while she was at school

[23:56]How children are “wonderful little markers of how quickly time is passing”

[24:53]How has being a Mom affected the way Anna approaches her work?

[26:36]Will animation studios keep operating remotely? 

[38:27]Anna’s advice for anyone looking to break into the animation industry

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