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This week, the incomparable Erica Shroeder joins us to talk about her illustrious career as a voice actress as well as some of the FANTASTIC projects she’s been in over the years. Some of Erica’s most notable roles include Ilvira in the hit Netflix animated film ‘Secret Magic Control Agency’, the voice of Devos in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, as well as Luffy in One Piece (4Kids dub), Mai Valentine, Akiza Izinski and Dark Magician Girl in Yu-Gi-Oh, and Nurse Joy and Eevee in Pokémon to name a few! Apart from her epic credits list, Erica is also the proud mother of voice actress Madigan Kacmar, who appeared in the Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated Mirai. 

In this episode, Erica takes time from her studio to take us on a stroll along memory lane, where she shares memories from her first job before landing her more evergreen roles in iconic shows like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and One Piece! Erica also goes on to share which role she considers her biggest break! In addition to her voice acting journey, Erica also talks about her voice matching process and how she achieves her flawless accents. She also goes on to talk about her amazing daughter Madigan, who is also on her very own voice acting journey.

Make sure to listen to the end to find out just how many characters Erica has voiced throughout her career!


[07:46] What project does Erica consider her biggest break?

[10:19] Why Melloetta was an interesting role for Erica 

[12:08] Erica talks about her voice matching process

[14:44] ”There's a certain amount of flexibility and like letting go that comes with the project.”

[16:33] Does Erica have a favorite character from all her roles?

[19:24] Erica talks about what it’s like to work on Pokemon for so long

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